Maurices Credit Card

Female customers love to shop at their neighborhood Maurices. The popular women's clothing store has 850 stores across North America, and their selection of tops, jeans, skirts, dresses, outerwear, shoes, bags, and fashion accessories celerate women's individuality and self-expression. The styles and collections available at Maurices are tailored for women of all sizes between 1-24, and are also wide-ranging in price, so every fashion-conscious woman shopper is sure to find something that fits her needs. Plus, with a Maurices Credit Card, shopping is truly a pleasure.

If you are a Maurices Credit Card holder, you are automatically entitled to special privileges and exclusive benefits to your favorite women's clothing store. You can apply for the card online via a simple and quick online application process and immediately enjoy the benefits, but you can also complete the application in-store, and you will receive a 10% off of your very first purchase if you open the card at the store. Otherwise, if you have opted to apply online, a 15% discount is given to you once you have received your credit card in the mail.


As a cardmember, you will have first access, invites, and notifications of various sales and promotions being offered by the store. Women like to be the first to know about the latest fashion finds and trends, and if you have a Maurices Credit Card you will be ahead of everyone else when it comes to finding out about new arrivals at the store, or information about sale events and special promotions at Maurices. Remember, many of the events and promos of Maurices happen not only in-store, but also online, so these notifications will really help you stay informed of how you can make the most of your shopping finds.

The Maurices Credit Card has no annual fee, so you won't have to worry about an additional charge being put on your card every year. This means you can use more of your card for your excellent fashion discoveries at Maurices. Also, there are no added charges if you want to get additional cards for authorized buyers on your account. So if you have family or loved ones who enjoy shopping at Maurices just as much as you do, you can add them as authorized buyers to your account without having to pay anything extra.

The Maurices Credit Card is quite easy to maintain with regards to making your payments. In-store payment options as well as online bill payment are available to cardmembers. There are, of course, many other features on the online access page that you can take advantage of as a cardholder. You can check your statement and account status online, so you always have access to your transactions in case you need to review any purchases. If there are any changes to your personal information, you can also update them on the site.

There are additional tools you can access online, such as the Style Advisor, so you have personal assistance regarding any fashion bind you might be in. Live chat is also provided for any other issues you may be having.